Links to Rolex & other great sites


The Rolex Forums

My favorite Rolex forums. Friendly people and a great place to learn about Rolex!



Jake's Rolex Magazine

The ONLY place that is the definitive Rolex history site.



Boris' Watches & Art Blog

The blog for watch and art collectors


A Blog to Read

A fantastic blog and podcast series by corporate attorney and professed watch geek, Ariel Adams.


A blog maintainted by a watchmaker. Great site on the idiosyncracies of watchmaking.


Watching Horology

A blog on all things horology, collecting, news & developments.


All Things Rolex

A blog on Rolex fakes, celebrities, and Rolex media.


A grail site by Hannes on everything Rolex, including technical informaion

What Makes Rolex Tick

An article on the business of Rolex



A new forum that breaks away from the traditional watch forum format. This website includes videos and an entirely different interface.



A watch blog and forum that has a lot of activity, news, and comment on all types of watches.



LuxuryTyme.com - Rolex Reference Page, a great listing of primarily Rolex watch reviews & Information by John B. Hollbrook II.



A vibrant watch forum listing numerous brands.



GMT Related Sites


James Dowling's Rolex GMT History

Fantastic history on the GMTII.

Early Rolex GMT History

A review based on articles by J. Dowling

Fantastic GMT History Page

Original French

Translated English


Using GMT Functions

A tutorial on using the rotating bezel and 24 hour hand on the GMT

Another tutorial on using GMT functions

A tutorial on using the rotating bezel.

Using your GMT as a compass

A description on using you GMT as a compass as well as other features.


Using a Watch as a Compass

An image and explaination on using your Rolex as a compass


GMT Evolution

An article on early GMT's


GMT Transitional versions

More historical GMT information


Replacing GMT Bezel Inserts:



and here


GMT's Past and Present

An article describing pre-116710 GMT-II's


Other Watch Related Sites & Info



Rolex Catalog

JPEG images of the 2007-08 Rolex catalog



Rolex Dials

JPEG images of Rolex dials available




WestCoastime (Really, West Coast Time)

A good source for ZULU or NATO straps



U.S.A Watch Service

Haris Durakovic is a Certified Swiss Watchmaker and AWCI member specializing in Rolex , Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling and other fine Swiss timepieces. He is a great person and very helpful.



Eric Ku is one of the world's preeminent watch dealers. Some of his watches are shown in 100 Superlative Rolex Watches. He is very helpful and will find your Holy Grail Rolex.


Fourtane Estate Jewellery and Watches

Joshua Bonifas has one of the best vintage Rolex collections shown in a Rolex Authorized Dealer setting. Robert Smith, a Rolex Certified Watchmaker is on premises. Like Eric Ku, Josh either has in stock the vintage Rolex you have only seen in pictures, or he can get it for you.


Swiss Lever Watch Services

Joseph Herold, CW21, is my go-to Rolex watchmaker. Well trained and over 25 years in the Swiss watch industry, Joseph possesses a wealth of information and is very down-to-earth. As an AWCI CW21, Joseph has both Rolex and Omega parts accounts. Joseph only utilizes genuine Rolex or Omega parts and he does not work on any counterfeit watches. Contact Joe for any Rolex or Omega related work.


The Collectors Weekly

A great site for watch collecting information, values, pricing, and ongoing auctions. The site also emails weekly auction updates. The Collectors Weekly is published by San Francisco-based Market Street Media LLC and run by Dave Margulius.


The Technical Review of the ETA 7750

A great technical review of the ETA Valjoux 7750 on TimeZone


Alliance Horlogere

A fantastic site that grows every day describing the technical aspects of watches.


Why Service Your Watch

A pictorial showing what happens to your watch without service.


The Swiss Luxury Watchmaking Industry

A general overview and a closer look at the celebrity endorsement and sponsorship communication strategy used by the leaders; a masters thesis (9mb .pdf download)


The history of the Rolex anchor

A great webpage that shows the evolution of the Rolex anchor that was bundled with Sea Dweller and Submariner when purchased.


Gasgasbones Custom Watch Straps

Carl Evans makes great velcro and leather watch straps. For the true NASA designed watch strap, Gasbagbones makes a custom length watch strap for any sport sized watch. Carl makes the effort to insure that the strap fits both you and the watch well and uses nylon that does not scratch and fits well. Examples: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3.


TimeCenter: The Making of Clocks and Wristwatches

A great blog providing horologiical history by Niclas Marie who is founder and CEO of TimeCenter Online Scheduling and lives in Helsingborg, Sweden.