Rolex Pamphlets & Accessories

Unlike many other Swiss watch brands, Rolex does not produce or distribute many accessories, books, or other ancillary product that supports the brand. Rolex's thinking has always been to have the current or potential customer visit the Authorized Dealer (AD) in order to get products and services. Rolex logo items are very rare and their availability varies from country to country. The images below are of artifacts that I have collected from eBay, gracious Authorized Dealers who keep on the lookout for items, and from the various sales corners on Internet forums.

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The Collection

Rolex Accessories Collection
This collection was compiled after years of scouring eBay, begging AD's, and cruising Internet forums.

Books - Catalogs

Rolex Brochures
These brochures include the catalog of my first Rolex in 1987. The "Every Rolex Tells a Story" is a great promotional brochure that can still be found in eBay.
Rolex Books and Brochures
"The Rolex Letters" is another great promotional brochure that has first person narratives told by Rolex wearers. This brochure was available during the 1980's.
Rolex Catalogs
These pocket catalogs are distributed at AD's in many countries. Every time I visit an AD, I always pick up a catalog, when they are available.
Rolex Partsguide
Full size catalogs (left) are distributed in Europe but are very hard to find in the United States. The full size catalogs in my collection are from England and one was given to me by Hannes who gave me one from Germany. The "Rolex Service and Estimating Guide" was a great eBay find.
Rolex Time and Men
The" Anatomy of Time" books were available until the 1980's. The black hardcover is a second edition (publication date unkown) is given "compliments of the Rolex Watch Company." The newer soft-covered edition is a fourth edition published in 1967. The "Of Time and Men" (1985) pamphlet is based on a movie of the same name and illustrates the making of a Rolex watch.

Various Items

Rolex Golf Accessories
Rolex is very prominent in the golf community. Above is a golf tee, divet tool, and ball marker, along with a Rolex "24 Hours of Daytona" lapel pin, watch distplay stand ordered from Israel, and the obligatory Rolex chronometer red hang tag.
Rolex Pouches and Gloves

The "Rolex Talking Points" booklets are for store clerks to learn about the details of Rolex watches. The older "Talking Points" lists the Oysterquartz and non-SEL submariner which would put this book in the 1980's. The dark green "Talking Points" shows a 2004 publication date.

The shipping pouches are made of suede and are used when shipping watches from Rolex Service Centers. These were purchased from a dealer in Singapore. The Rolex gloves were given to me by a very gracious AD in the United States. The watch display pillows were purchased from a vendor in England, and the display stand was sourced from Israel.

Rolex Product Information Cards
The Rolex "Product Information" cards were published in 1996 and used for store clerks to learn about each Rolex model. The cards are laminated and are designed to fit into a pocket for easy reference. The suede shipping pouch (top) was sourced from Singapore. The tins on the left are for storing/shipping Rolex parts. The GMT bezel speaks for itself; it is a spare for one of my GMT's.
Rolex Anchor
These Rolex patches were found on eBay. The Rolex display plaque was purchased from a vendor in England.
Rolex Knife and Pads
These display pads were purchased from a vendor in England. The Rolex Swiss Army Knife was purchased from a US vendor for $40.00. These knives vary from $40.00 to well over $100 (US) depending on the source.
Rolex display pads and toolkit
These are Rolex display pads and a SeaDweller tool kit. The screwdriver is still the best fitting tool for removing Rolex Oyster links.
Rolex Odd tools
I have no idea how these Rolex tools are used. Nevertheless, they look pretty official in my watch tool drawer.
Rolex Golf Pouches
Along with the golf accessories are pouches. These pouches are great for carrying watch tools. These pouches are in heavy nylon, are lined, and have a divider pouch inside. These pouches were purchased from vendors in England and Argentina.
Rolex Display Tray
This is an old, wood lined, padded leather display tray used at an Authorized Dealer up until the 1970's, when the Rolex green display pads became available.